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Vinod Bhojak
Vinod Bhojak being awarded by Bikaner Mayor for his outstanding services in Tourism on 26th Jan 2012, Indian Republic Day.
Vino Awarded with Tourism Enterpreneurship
Vinod Bhojak awarded by the then Minister of Tourism, Rajasthan for his outstanding services to tourism industry in Bikaner in year 2004.

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For all these years, Thar has seen many dunes taking shapes, many of them never to be formed again. But unlike nature, Vino's safari has earned a world fame and today it is recommended by almost all the well known tourist guides . Vino Desert Safari is giving it's services since 1991. The company operates from Bikaner in Rajasthan state of India. The crew is headed by it's founder Vino himself.

Vino (Wine in Italian and Spanish) is known for his uncompromising quality standards in arranging safaris through the Indian desert.

Vino also offers accomodation in his own guest house, quite home like where you can have a great time experiencing the true Indian life style. (Click here to get a snapshot of the guest house rooms and facilities)

You can scroll through the pages in this site for complete information. You are most welcome to mail or call Vino for further details. An online booking form has been provided to help you book your tour well in advance before unleashing this Great Indian Desert "Thar".

Vino is available at:

Vinod Bhojak

Opposite GopeshwarTemple,Gangashahar Road,Bikaner.


Ph:- 91-0151-2270445 Mobile - 91-9414139245

Mail At:


Please visit these links to better understand How Vino's safari works and how much his visitors from all around the world are satisfied. (England/India) (You Tube) (Belgium)
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Please visit our more links page to know views and details of our safari as experienced by the tourists all over the world.

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