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Ryan and Tricia,Portland,U.S.A

Welcome to Vino's !

We arrived in Bikaner on the 2nd of this month and quickly found Vino Desert Safari Tours, where you are a guest- rather than customer. Quick to meet us was Gauri. Gauri has been amazing host, going above and beyond any person's expectations of how guests should be treated. I have not yet found another person or place in India like gauri or Vino's guest house.

We had a whole day to wait for our "Camel Safari", and instead of having to wait around in our room, Gauri said he'd be happy to show us the city. It can be amazing to go shopping with someone who is native to India. You realize how badly you get suckered in the markets, even when you think you are getting a good deal. Needless to say, we finished our shopping with Gauri.

The camel safari was amazing !! This is the only way to see true India. The villages, the sand dunes, even the random people you see here and there. In what seems to be "The middle of nowhere". It was so nice to get away from horns, yelling, and all the commotion of city life. I forgot for 2 days how noisy India is :).

The food was another great thing on Safari. Gauri is an excellent cook. His food can range from mild to spicy. I really like it hot !

On the way back towards civilization, we got a taste of the monsoon rains, which were very welcome by our scorched, red bodies - bring sunscreen - this is important. It rained hard and fast for almost an hour, then turned to light rain. Very nice, but don't drink the rain water ! The drops are full of sand.

We are staying at Vino's a couple of extra days. Not for any particular reason other than : We simply feel at home.

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