Vino Tells You Some Of The Facts About His Safari !

(A) What Type of Safari is it ?
(B) Your Encounter with the Desert !
(C) Getting Prepared for the Encounter !
(D) What We Provide ?
(E) When is the Best Time ?

(F) Accomodation ?
(G) The Price Factor !





What Type of Safari is it? Where do You Go ?

      The ships of desert, Camels, are marvelous creatures who will transport our camping equipment, baggage, and enable us to discover some of the beautiful and relatively unexplored regions of Rajasthan (India). There are no hard and fast rules regarding your safari as each expedition is unique in itself.

En route you and your friends or family are the only ones for miles around the starting and finishing point. Your safari depends on the season, days available and personal interests, but for your convenience, the details will be made available in advance for your approval.You need not be super fit like "He Man" for this great endeavor but just a little resilient. You will be provided with expert guides, well versed in bush lore, botany, Orinthology and take pleasure in sharing their knowledge with you. Once you are in rhythm with your surroundings, habitat, that is at your first camp, your expert guide will explain a rough plan of your expedition. Your camel syces are a source of strength, guiding by day, and guarding by the night.

Your encounter with the desert !

   It takes one or two days to become tuned to the pace and accustomed to the desert life. Most of the endeavor is taken as early as possible in the cool morning hours, (even by moonlight if timed night). Normally breakfast is served somewhere en route. Riding camels accompany us throughout The Safari, carrying light refreshments when they are called for. Meanwhile the camp is loaded on to the camels and they soon catch up. During the safari, we encounter many of the tribal people (Jasnathi and Bishnoi) living their traditional lives. The wild life is shy, although we see a large variety of tracks. Peacocks, WoodPeckers, Deer, Tneelgai (Blue Bull) are among the attractions.

   By mid day, it is usually time to look for a camp-site, though sometimes we must be prepared to go for that extra mile to find the ideal spot. After a good lunch, a siesta is normally called for until the heat of the day passes. And at the end of the day, while the sleeping arrangements are organized, we are free to take an evening stroll and absorb the total tranquility of the bush at dusk. The camels return from their afternoon browsing to settle in camp. When the safari is over, the memories of their outstanding experience will remain with you for many years.

Getting prepared for the encounter !

The Most important thing is a good positive attitude. Cool clothes, a pair of tough Trousers, Sweaters, Toiletries, Flashlight, Comfortable Walking Shoes/ Boots. Water bottle, camera and Equipment, Binoculars, Hat and Sun Cream all packed into a soft bag.

What we provide ?

The best possible personal attention is offered with genuine enthusiasm from the entire crew.

  • Booking for Hotel's (Paying Guest house (in Bikaner only), Car, Jeep (for Whole Rajasthan).

When is the best time ?

The weather in desert region is notoriously unpredictable, but for the most part; hot. The ideal time for desert safari in this region is between August to March. The other months usually maintain hot weather.

Accomodation ?

Vino also offers you accomodation in his own guest house if you prefer to experience traditional and typical Rajasthani life style. (Click here to get a snapshot of the guest house rooms and facilities). The charges are affordable and given below :-

Single Bedroom :- 250-300/- Indian Rupees.

Double Bedroom :- 350- 450/-Indian Rupees.

IF you have any other choice than his guest house, he'll be glad to book your room there also.

The Price Factor !

Vino's safari is quite affordable and ranges between 1500 - 2000 Indian Rupees(per day per person) depending upon the facilities one want to avail, like how many days, persons, jeep or camel or camel cart, guide, quality of food, drinks, camping equipments, tent etc.



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